We are aware of our responsibilities and skills to resolve your problem - as quick as possible - correctly and efficiently.
Data-Driven Solutions
You can move your business forward with a new fuel of this era, DATA. You can learn reducing the number of faulty productions and loss of productivity experienced in production, measuring the effects of machine performance on production, determining customer demands, learning how customers interact with your products, re-checking the efficiency of sales networks, and more...

We offer the following data-driven solutions as a consultancy service or outsource service:
Data Gathering

Data is everywhere and you should benefit from this secret potential. If you are looking a solution for your problem, you can start by collecting data from your machines, employees, operations and etc.

Data Wrangling

Cleaning, editing, integration, transformation and consolidating are time consuming phase of data analysis. To analyze the data correctly, you must arrange the data correctly and carefully.

Data Analysis

Prolitik's team, which transforms academic knowledge into practice, modifies the models depending on your problem or develops new methods specific to your problem.

Data Interpretation

We help you solve your problem effectively based on our skills and 10+ years experiences by presenting the analysis's output and graphics intelligibly in order to turn your data into action.

Intelligent & Flexible Software Solutions
We develop software specified to your problem by combining data analysis and soft computing techniques based on fuzzy logic.
Intelligent and flexible software helps you predict company's future steps, minimize operational errors, have more insight with your business and more.
Flexible software can decide automatically that some parameters get variable values instead of constant parameters.
Web Design and Web Application Developing
You can start a new website compatible with mobile devices or you can realize your web application.
If you looking for a someone to change your website, we are pleasure to do this with our creative and effective design skill. Additionally, with search engine optimization (SEO) for your website where your business and ideas meet design, you can increase page rank of your site on search engines, and allows more people to recognize your website.

If you have a project waiting for bringing into action, we are ready to meet you in order to realize your dream project.
About Us
Who We Are
Prolitik is a company that produces professional analytic solutions and provides consultancy service on data which is one of the most valuable and most important concepts of today. With ten years of experience and academic background, Prolitik aims to introduce companies the data culture by offering solutions with data analysis and software to problems of different sectors.
We have a qualified team that involves in PhDs and MScs on statistics, mathematics and computer engineering. The team worked several times on different projects. They all work as an academician on computer science and also work or give support for any project of Prolitik according to their fields of expertise.

Our academic background strengthens our ability to understand, comprehend, learn and teach. We know our responsibilities and skills to produce solution as quick as possible correctly, efficiently and dependably.
Prolitik prioritizes customer satisfaction by completing its work on time and studiously with its reliable, result-oriented up-to-date, intelligent and flexible approaches.
What We Do
We provide data services: consulting data-driven solution, making data wrangling (cleaning, editing, transformation, consolidating), performing descriptive and predictive analysis, developing decision support systems, and performing simple to advance statistical analysis (company research, statistical counseling for academic thesis and publications).

Our Experiences
Following studies from the past are our several works by using different fields such as machine learning, data mining, statistics, optimization, fuzzy logic and etc. :

Developing intelligent transportation solutions in planning public transportation, traffic management, and route suggestion system...

Statistics&Data Analysis Consultancy Services over 20 postgraduate thesis and academic researches in different fields such as medicine, sports, history, business management, economy and engineering.

Analyzing sports performance

Developing intelligent inventory management system by analyzing data with fuzzy approach.

Measuring harmony score of couples

Data Solutions & Consulting
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